by The Nemesis Theory

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released November 5, 2006



Track Name: Let the Coltan Flow
This chaos precedes cognition
Perceptual plane interference
Treading water through some vacant memories
Reconstructing rituals from a transplanted authority
Beneath it all there’s nothing linear
Destroying neurons to help tolerate
The endless procession of high definition brutality
Temporal malfunctions could open the floodgates and level us all
Incomplete resignation lost in a cycle of dependency
Killing time more often
Killing time more effectively
Synthetic aneurysms lost in space
Segmented mechanisms disarranged
Immersed in paranoia
Elliptical velocities erecting the cadence of time
Subjective evidence reverse engineering the overmind
The evolution of rudimentary thought requires a disinhibiting stimulus
Intake specifics from a holographic world
They’ll be no suspension of disbelief
Organic incandescent light
Can’t trace the origins of dysfunction
When anamnesis comes, if anamnesis comes
Expect this resignation
Numb cognition, numb cognition, numb cognition
Perceptual limitations taken as a sign
Trajectory of the masses emanates inside
Imperceptible plague resistance
Assumed immunity
Track Name: Stimutacs
Is transcendence justified or a subjective luxuriance?
This incoherent terminology
Relates in complex metaphors
Devise a lexicon of abstract incantations
Then navigate to the source
Try not to get so mortified by this ascendancy of ignorance
Just suspend astonishment when the spectacle breeds
Embryonic insurgents divided and in solitude
Destined to rid reality of these irrational parameters
Destroy the disease
Transform the pathogen
Sub moronic species
Redemption seldom seems like an option
Transparanoia has taken our heads
Primitive instincts are winning again
So addicted to this infantile game
Overtly controlled by a culture of shame
Running away, keep running away
Sobriety is overrated
Running away keep, running away
These chemicals were destined to meet you
Tie these electrodes to the master spine
Convulsant shock therapy
Just keep on waging the war against death
Exploit the poor ‘til there’s no money left
Track Name: One Big Worm
Atrophied skepticism
Disconcerting affiliations
Suspicious deficiencies
Bored and in line for posthumous roles
When the odyssey turns intangible
Elaborate diversions
To hide a larger pattern of neglect
A structural disturbance
Meandering Compulsion
Plebeians hinder the inquisition
Analysis tainted by automatons
Re-write laws of the infestation
Describe something that’s indescribable
Luminous truth seems inconsequential
Fame adoration more integral
Their audacity’s undermined
When the subordinates fall in line
Revert to the addict pathos
Cycles disintegrate with time
Let them die
Obsessive tendencies subside
As if by design
Despite pervasive miscalculations
Track Name: Beer and Circuses
Accentuate inadequacies
Deep in the heart of the swarm
Arcane cataclysms writhing and deformed
Transcendent appendage deemed
A worthless mechanism
Once the commodity trance sets in
They never sleep the same again
The self-destructive delirium springs forth from a flawed ideology
Mind numbing intoxicants
Control demystified
Yearning for omnipotence
Intellect override
Where is the resistance?
Lost in a hypnotic bliss
Hopeless and disillusioned by the growing bureaucracy
Imminent annihilation
Controls the airwaves each night
Escape through inebriation
The only rational way to deal with the unrelenting boredom that comes from modern existence
Who’s in charge of the show?
Subconscious denizens
What’s the plot, doesn’t anyone know?
Moron proliferation, new vacant minds to subjugate
Not evolving, not evolving at all
Progress undetected
Bow at the alter of the commerce messiah
The god of beer and circuses
Enslaved by the dominator drug
Spreading the incompetence
But this empire’s ephemeral ‘cause we’re a cancerous mess
And when the walls of flesh break down
We won’t remember how to lie
Track Name: Otherwhere
Alone, in exile
Looking preoccupied
Dethroned, afflicted
Bored by the world outside
Waging impractical debates with amnesia’s dignitaries
They ask “When you lose control of everything do you feel infallible or incomplete?’
They think in digitized syntactic integers
Phantasmagoric oscillations penetrate your lucid dreams
So few investigate our extravagant design
Contemptuous excursions into subservience
Degrading Vocations
Creating anhedonia
Effective coercion
Magnified abnormalities
Dawn the slave’s shamed countenance
This strange attraction
Feels so maniacal
Deranged encounters
Leaving you so enthralled
We’re here when you migrate home in your sleep
Dormant but infallible anomalies
Your drunken dissertation on anti-humanism fell on deaf ears
The convoluted logic of societal conformity rendered it inaudible
Seeking alienation’s pinnacle
Track Name: Bukkake Pandemic
Painful addictions come from shameful indoctrination
The tide begins to wane revealing deception
Ending the waking dream, dissemination comes
Reprogramming cosmology
The pandemic spreads in the depths of sleep
Burning the insignia of inner peace
Mercurial de-conditioning
Splintered into tiny fragments
Longing for the re-attachment
Strengthened by the separation
Celestial reintegration
Even the smallest particles of protoplasm
Gyrate by the principles of a unified motion
All the misfiring synapses reveal a lost topography
Reclaim the memories lost in sleep
Shed this inanimate machine
Achieve escape velocity
It’s the theta frequencies that everyone’s searching for
But religious philosophy keeps propagating war
Bound by these shackles while awake
Frustrated by the flesh restraints
Searching for theta frequencies
Track Name: I'm Not, Not Licking Toads
A subcutaneous society reconfigures words
A blinding light enigma envelops the red pulsating world
The strategy’s unidentifiable
Emotions deadened by these altered senses
Carefully extrapolating a deep subconscious will
Lost thoughts evaporating but resonating still
Treasures are hiding so vacate this arrogant cave
The stench of sickness subsides but the visions remain mutating
Pixilated images mirroring the unreal
Airborne intangibles swirling at psionic speeds
Floating skyward in slow motion, just pretend that they’re not watching
Here in close proximity to the great divide
Receive a backwards image feed while dimensions realign
Falling into new pretensions just to stay awake
Screaming for an intervention telepathically
An archaic recurrence of Toltec sorcery
The beckoning illumination of chemical reprieve
Shredding a whole through the fabric of reality
Erasing the innocence at secret depths
The dislocating flesh repents
Channeling light from the center of the galaxy
Perception’s a blatant flaw
When torn asunder
A miniscule approximation
Track Name: Autumn on the Empire
Disenfranchise the whole world
Ignite the moron revolution
Narrow minded, homophobic
Unite the nation with your syndicate of fear
The worst regime of our times
Manipulate the weak minds
Cripple them with brilliant propaganda
Infiltrate, conquer, the divide
I know you think that the future’s just a myth
That the chosen few will vanish into thin air on judgment day
Convince the multitude that life’s a precious gift
But only if you live a certain way
You’re just a mindless pawn
Demonic infantry
The way you silence the voice of reason
And make it sound like cynical dissent
I can tell you think there’ll be no repercussions
So keep increasing your karmic debt
You’ll reincarnate as the people you’ve exploited
One by one straight down the line
All of the soldiers who’ve died
All the women and children bombed in their sleep
But you’ll still cling to your pride
Your persistent egomania will shatter slowly
Fiery perdition-You’ll get yours
Watch who you piss on ‘cause-You’ll get yours
Bloated Egos
More than half the world wants you dead
You’re great at making enemies
And now we’ve got a price on our heads
We’ve got so many enemies
There’re forces that you can’t control
But you think we’re divinely protected
Live in fear ‘cause they’re gonna come for you
Judgment’s near
Forcible sodomy-You can’t hide
Enjoy perdition
They’ll rape your burning hide
You’ll see how wrong you were in the afterlife
We’ll celebrate when you die
Track Name: Enron Hubbard
Primordial manipulation plagued his childhood
Slave to a dogmatic religion
He just ignored his soul
Based his existence on the present
The future will never come
Somnambulent as he lived out his days
Constructing a stronghold of intricate lies
The inner wall was impenetrable
The tentacles of hyper-greed infect his shallow mind
Here lies the king of the insects
Our most self-indulgent specimen has died
A trail of shattered lives were justified to feed his sprawling ego
The thought of broader consequences, ignored until his dying days
The idea seemed improbable in its simplicity
Doomsday schematics that shape the plutocracy
The most aggressive predatory instincts
Will reap the spoils of exploitation
Popular consumerism unquestioned
Such a destructive mentality out of control
Even the king of the insects still dies