A New Mastery of Light

by Black Science

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released November 11, 2008



Track Name: Observer Mathematics
Now invariably she’d end up feeling destitute
Compelled by the nexus of free spinning bones
Calling out to powers hitherto unknown
While making every mistake she could make
Instinct defiance or psychic coercion?
We’ll never know
Inexplicably her circuits were unanimous
Defending the lures of catatonia
Fighting preconceptions of a sentimental nature
While searching for rebellion on the take
Instinct defiance or psychic coercion?
We’ll never know
Track Name: Heroine Dolls
Check out the heroine dolls
Peddling smut out on the borders of unconsciousness
And with a plethora of knives
They’ll lift you up and then rebuild your feeble intellect
And I’m not just wishing the world was in my head
And I’m not just killing my time discreetly
And I’m not just kissing the fires of ancient times
And I’m not just basking in adoration
We’ll take them one at a time tonight
We’ll take them two at a time tonight
We’ll take them six billion at a time tonight
Check out the heroine dolls
Dig on the heroine dolls
Track Name: Panel for a Sky
Writing and endless letter from a chasm in the sound
Watching your lies get evaluated by circuits that bleed distortion
Culling a data mine with an inorganic glee
Never mind the premise
The quicksand seems right today
Shameless walking contradictions
Pretty much everyone you know
Save us
Lost in a quandary with a panel for a sky
Imbibe the sacred substance then relax enjoy the ride
Courting an enigmatic incubation dance
Placate the slave proponents with a new mastery of light
Shameless walking contradictions
Pretty much everyone you know
Save us
Their song goes on and on and on and o
Track Name: Stoned Man Down
We’ve got a stoned man down
The sedatives can’t hit their mark they’ve got the wrong trajectory
Broke an enabler’s heart
But the circumstance won’t dictate loss into the pill residual
She’s so oblivious to the secret rules, but she’s ravishing and so meticulous
When we’re magnified by the pantheon of celestial orbs
She walks over and comforts me with some strange remembrance
And then the rituals commence
And suddenly we’re content
Out here we’re always content
Track Name: Two Way Ticket to Infinity
She stared in awe at the cybernetic dwarves
Laughing at the sheer absurdity
Strange colors danced in their incandescent eyes
A two way ticket to infinity
Filling their lives with these sprawling distractions
Was her premonition incomplete?
Transient eyes of the swollen impresario
Transient eyes – in too deep
She had the countenance of a mercenary
Which threatened the ambiguity
If her display had a purpose
It was to frighten anyone who covets the accolades of swine
In time they get in too deep
Track Name: The Anesthetic
Flying high above the trees
I see the distress beams from inside the quarantine
Her persuasion intervenes
Stabs at the disease and blue light starts pouring out
Calling out to some secret force inside her
The anesthetic made us write and scream but it numbed the pain
Immersed in debauchery
We watch the insects breed half alive and horrified
Then the answer comes to me
Penetrates my spine and engulfs my inner being
Calling out to some secret force inside her
The anesthetic made us write and scream
Throwing the bridal bouquet
Learning to laugh at the pain
Spaced out on the medicine
Standing on the precipice of ascendancy
Calling all the demon gods to retreat
Breaking free from cycles of dependency
Forcing all the demon gods to retreat
Go away now
Track Name: Pulse of the Universe
It’s a mainstream opinion
That the pulse of the universe is based on rudimentary arithmetic
‘cause when your poles switch
You’re like a flightless bird
Falling into an endless night
And isn’t it strange
Letting some creepy guy with his fingers crossed
Sell you your future
I signed and insurance policy on the outer reaches of the solar system
It was a painless procedure
But now my stomach’s tied in knots
I guess I keep forgetting all the drugs I’ve done
And sometimes I feel like giving in - these days
‘cause sudden death seems imminent - these days
But I think I found a way to kill my fear
And I guess that counts for something
Track Name: Visitation
Listen carefully Gordon
I am the proprietor of all that is heinous and inane
Or just one of the two
Meaning just heinous or just inane
But only to extreme measures
Like extremely heinous or extremely inane
Just to clear up any confusion
If something is only mildly evil or incoherent
I probably had nothing to do with it
But hey, everyone’s got to specialize in something
We’re like complex machinery
I guess that’s kind of a stupid metaphor
Gordon you’re veering off track which is why I’m hear bombarding your brainstem
If you’re wondering where I come from
Then wonder no more because it makes no difference
I traveled through time ‘cause I had something to tell you
And now it’s slipping my mind how I was supposed to compel you
Oh yeah, you should take up Jenga and manufacture amphetamines
Track Name: I Andromeda
Never change
Sell your mind to this broadcast manipulation
And you know that we were created by the mind of a mutant fraud
A disturbing lineage
We’re like a thick bacteria
In the waiting room that you call home
Never change ‘cause that’s your birthright
Never change the structure inside
Never change all your presumptions
Never throw the mask away
Never change your distorted principles
We’ll watch you taste your success on your living dead planet
And you know we reserve the right to quiver uncontrollably
Never look directly in the fraud’s eyes
You’ll never find the road to redemption ‘cause you’re a stupid mammal